ISO 9001 is a standard for services or products. It integrates a set of standards designated ISO 9000 and can be implemented by organizations of any economic segment.

It aims to improve the company's management and can be applied in conjunction with other operating standards, such as those related to occupational health, the environment, safety, among others.

In order to obtain ISO 9001 certification, APOLO PACKAGING has met a number of stringent requirements, seeking to apply excellence in the standards set for the management and quality process.

This strategic tool is used in most countries, where more than 1 million companies have already achieved it. Through it, the provision of customer service is improved, enabling the improvement of innumerable mechanisms that integrate the productive process. It is also used to measure the level of customer satisfaction, improving the effectiveness of the company's management.

ISO 9001 is in addition to other certifications of APOLO PACKAGING, all directed to the quality of its packaging. Improving the manufacturing process with extreme rigor is a constant challenge of the company, whose results are attested by our customers.